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Mr D
Best purchase we have made in longgggggg time !
I always try to buy American and the way you people do business and make such great products is a credit to you and how you treat customers and that is what America is all about, you all should be very proud.
Thank you!

Nancy H
First, let me say how very happy we’ve been with the driveway alert, at our old home and now at our new home. At the old place it was useful in ways we had not thought of, such as when dogs and hens were escaping, as well as when cars arrived and left. Still performing flawlessly after about 3 years. Now we have moved, and the driveway is sort of a horseshoe. Thank you for making such a great product!

Tiny tots
This Deluxe Driveway Alert system is great !
I do not use it on my driveway I use in play ground area to monitor children at my daycare center .
Thank you !!!

I am 86 years old .
Just recently lost my husband of many years .
My children bought this Deluxe Driveway Alert system with Doorbell chime for me .
I thought they were crazy !! What do I need a gadget like that for ?
System has been setup for 2 weeks now and guess what how did I live so many years without that gadget.
Thank you for giving me peace of mind knowing someone is coming down my driveway.

Now I understand why NH is 1st !
Your employees take pride in building a great product !
Company offers best warranty on market for Driveway Alert products.
There is actually a human being that answers the phone ! (Not a machine)
Good job!

I could ramble on and on about your product !
All I have to say is everybody should own a Deluxe Driveway Alert system!

Jon B
Wow !
Placed order Sunday on website. Notified Monday order being processed . Mailman delivered order on Wednesday.
Within less than 10 minutes pf opening package system setup and ready to go!
Thank you!

Susan P
Love it ! Love it ! You Deluxe Driveway Alert system.
What a great product and service you offer Miltronics !
Thank you!

Carrol P
Driveway Sensor detects and receiver goes off to alert you! What a beautiful sight to see a deer and her fawns crossing our yard. Car coming down driveway its our grandchildren coming for visit. Some people never take time to stop and enjoy little things in life. They are a true blessing provided by your Driveway Alert products.
Thank you, Miltronics

Jon D
Why pay the high cost of monthly security charge when you can purchase multiple receiver and sensor to monitor your property? I have 3 receivers in house, 1 in shop and 1 in barn . So no matter where I am I know if someone has entered my driveway. Also have few sensors detecting driveway area and walkway to house. Like whose watching you I know where you are before get here. Great job!