Hunters Alert® System

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Hunters Alert® is a portable wireless detection and monitoring system utilizing an infra-red sensor/transmitter for monitoring remote areas. The Sensor is capable of sensing animal and human movement within the field of view. Once activity is detected a signal is transmitted to a portable receiver for on-the-go outdoor use. The system is ideal for detecting intrusions into any remote area where monitoring is desired. Use while hunting, camping or fishing.

    • Comes with two infra-red Sensor/Transmitters
    • Sensor comes in army green for easy concealment
    • Sensor/Transmitter operates on a 9 volt battery
    • Weatherproof Sensor/Transmitter
    • Sensor/Transmitter has 40 degree field of view
    • Portable Receiver operates on a 9 volt battery
    • Receiver sounds alert tone and vibrates when a signal is received
    • Up to 1,000 feet reception range
    • Removable belt clip with lock-to-stand position on Receiver
    • Multiple Sensor/Transmitters can be used with single Receiver
    • Receivers and Sensor/Transmitters are coded
    • Compatible with all of our Receivers and Sensor/Transmitters
    • Comes complete with all mounting hardware and easy installation and use directions
    • Limited Lifetime warranty

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   Campers & Hunters Alert Systems Manual