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We love the driveway alert!
Our driveway is long enough so that when I hear the DrivewayAlert signal, I have time to run over to the winery tasting room to serve customers. Easy to install and excellent signal range. Thanks for a great product that is MADE IN THE USA!

To the folks at Driveway Alert:

We have received the Door Bell Chime and now I can hear the Alert sounding. Thank you very much for responding quickly to solve the frequency issue for my hearing problem. This is why I am inclined to spend a little more to get a product with good customer support and quality built in. We appreciate your help and I recommend this system to anyone looking to purchase a good quality, Made in America product.

Kind regards, B W New Boston, NH

Ps, I returned the remote buzzer the same day you shipped the doorbell chime. They probably waved as they passed by each other.

B Dodson
Made purchase 10 days ago and unit arrived quickly. Took about 15 minutes to install and works great! we have a 700 foot long driveway with 125 foot elevation change and both sending units send strong signal to receiving unit. We tried two other less expensive, box store units and neither could carry the hill. Great product that works just like promised. very pleased.

George T
I purchased your MADE IN USA Deluxe Driveway Alert LR system from you last week in order to catch prowlers who thought they needed my new SUV more than I did! Next night we had success they were back !

Receiver alerted me of them coming down driveway and during there attempt to break into and try to steal it the police were called and lucky they showed up and caught them in act !

I still have my new SUV although door is damaged. My insurance company is grateful for only having to pay for a damaged door instead of complete vehicle.

N Paul

We had one of your competitors systems couldn’t get it to work at 400 feet …

Purchased your Deluxe LR System is working at 800 to 1000 feet cannot believe how fabulous,fantastic and superior your product works …

Wish we had found you first.

George BB
Guess the old sayings hold true .You get what you pay for ???
I have purchased at least 6 of your competitors products and they last week or two or months. I think had one lasted almost a year .
Deluxe Driveway Alert has been installed 6 months and has worked flawless through all kinds of weather.
Thank you for making great product .

R Pierce
I was doubtful such a small piece of equipment could monitor driveway and detect all intrusions and notify us in home ! Wow was I proven wrong.

Billy Joe S
Purchased Deluxe EXT LR system and cannot believe the transmission range from Sensor to Receiver is at 2000 feet.
Works every time no fail.
At dusk last night detected a herd of deer !
God bless America what a beautiful sight !

J Paul
My kids response to your systems … OMG !!!
Miltronics should be put on a pedestal for their Deluxe Driveway Alert and Home & Yard Alert products!!!
Best system on market by far

M Ah Yuen
Had my system up and running within 10 minutes, the range of these sensors really impressed me compared to them El Cheapo ones at your local hardware store that I bought prior to ordering the Deluxe Driveway Alert. There’s no doubt that Miltronics rocks! American ingenuity at its best!

You can bet that I will be ordering the Yard Alert in the near future for my new home that we are moving into in August.