Limited Lifetime Warranty

Miltronics Manufacturing, Inc. has a limited lifetime warranty on parts and two years on labor. Miltronics guarantees all parts of this product to the original owner against manufacturing or parts defects. This warranty shall not apply to defects resulting from improper installation or use, unauthorized repair and consequent damage, abuse, modification, using in a fashion other than intended, fire, flood or act of God, or on which serial numbers have been altered, defaced or removed. If your unit cannot be repaired, Miltronics may replace it with new or reconditioned merchandise. Miltronics will assume no liability for commercial loss or any kind of damage resulting from malfunction of the product, or resulting from it’s unsuitable use. In any event liability shall not exceed the original purchase price.

Warranty Repair Policy

The entire system requiring warranty repair must be returned to Miltronics, by prepaid freight, with proof of purchase, a brief description of the problem and a daytime phone number to contact you if necessary. Beginning with year three of this warranty a minimal labor fee will apply. A handling fee will apply for products sent to Miltronics which are not covered under warranty.