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Steve King
Thanks for the prompt shipment of my alert system. Very easy to set up…took all of 5 minutes. One suggestion you might pass along to users is to paint the steel bracket with flat black or similar spray paint. The first thing I noticed driving up at night was the reflection of the shiny steel bracket. Now painted it is pretty much invisible.

Regards, Steve King

Deluxe Driveway Alert System has to be the greatest investment I have ever made !!

Zeb M
Miltronics Driveway Alert products have range of 1000+ feet or option of 2500+ feet. Both systems are very reliable .. I know purchased one of each!!
My system has been set up and in operation for 10+ years.
Rover gets very excited when he hears the alert sound knows someone is on way to visit. Love it .
I have purchased another 4 systems this year for Christmas gifts.
Thank you for still making your MADE IN USA product !!!

Mary S
Last week I received by Deluxe Driveway Alert LR.
My husband was out of town so I installed both sensors myself (not hard to do). I am so pleased with the system. I live on the back of 20 acres and cannot see another home. How pleased I was when my daughter came to my house and set off my alarms!

c zz
Why did it take me so long to find you !!!
Here’s a nice way to protect the perimeter of your property and get notified upon the entry of any vehicle or person. Driveway Alert® is the ideal wireless monitoring system for detecting vehicles entering your driveway. As a simple detection device, it safeguards your world.

Driveway Alert® senses vehicles, pedestrians and other mobile activity in your driveway, immediately transmitting a signal to a receiver inside the house.

Extremely versatile and compatible with each other, these systems are complete with volume control and are able to be used with many accessories.

Driveway Alert® boasts an exceptional range of up to 2,500 feet. All our systems are completely weatherproof, operate to 40 degrees below zero, and are range tested in real world situations. Simple, sophisticated, completely wireless, and made in the USA.

Hal B
I have been using my Deluxe Miltronics Driveway alarm for about 15 years and have been very satisfied with it. It is working only erratically now so I figure surviving the elements this long is a good track record. This is why I am purchasing another alarm. I continue to recommend it to friends, especially those who, like me, have a very long driveway.

C Lang
I ordered the Deluxe Driveway Alert for my mother. She lives alone “back in the woods” and absolutely loves having her Alert. Thanks for a great product and customer service.

Nancy P
System has been in service over a year and we have no complaints – best money we ever spent.

Harols G
We found you again! Have had original system over 20 years it finally decided to quit working. New Battery didn’t fix it this time. Guess time to purchase a new one.
Thank you !!!!!

C David
Thank you for your prompt service.
Has been pleasure doing business with you.
Extra plus product MADE IN USA !!!