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Victor S
It was a pleasure to do business with your company and MADE IN USA too what a plus! Will highly recommend you and your products to others.
Much appreciations, Thanks

Gary P
Thank you for your Deluxe Driveway Alert system it works great!

John B
Thank you so much for repairing our system. We have been customer for almost twenty years. I am sure some day we will have to purchase a new system and will love it as much!

Frank & Karen G
Received my order today and you made my day!
To receive a package with a sticker on it that says MADE IN USA is wonderful.
Will spread you name around to all friends.

Larry K
We own an RV park and were in need of a surveillance system.
We purchased the Deluxe wireless driveway alert system.
This alarm system has exceeded our expections.
The easy installation is a real plus.
Compact receiver with its good tone and the volume control is a nice feature also.
With its affordable pricing for system we are able to monitor our entrance and exiting driveways.
We would certainly recomend this for business or residential use.
Plus MADE IN AMERICA can’t get any better than that!

David S
I just want to write to say thank you for producing such a quality product.
I placed an order received system and it is working flawlessly.
I thank everyone at Miltronics for accepting my money in exchange for a quality product and prompt service and I wish you all continued success and prosperity.
Thank you!

Miltronics Driveway Alert Long Range is 1000+ feet.
Options for Extended 2500+ feet. Very reliable.
Mine has been out there for 10+ years .
Checked out your website saw you still have same model I purchased.
That tells me it is well designed system and MADE IN USA.

Frank C
Thank you for your timely and informative response.
I just ordered Deluxe LR System from your phone staff rep, who was very professional, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient!
I am pleased already with your company and looking forward to getting my system.
Have already told neighbors about Miltronics Driveway Alerts

Don T
Four months ago or so , after purchasing a similar product that was “cheaper ” than your product…but did not live up to expectations as advertised.
We purchased your Deluxe Driveway Alert system .

Living in 6000 square foot home after we overcame the audibility by purchasing firebell we are extremely pleased with your product. It lives up to your advertising and no false alarms. Congratulations on making and selling an American Made product. What a good investment we made.

I am writing to thank you for the expeditious manner in which you dealt with problem I was experiencing with my 10 year old Driveway Alert System.
After speaking with Techs and we were unable to correct problem have trying their recommendations. We sent system in for repair. The unit ultimately was returned to you for repair, returned to me, and placed back in satisfactory service.
As we are elderly folks, living in a rural area , we depend upon this system and are happy to hear it chiming the approach of visitors.