Relay Outlet ~ 110 Volt Indoor



The Driveway Alert® Systems 110 volt Indoor Relay Outlet offers a duplex extension outlet that interfaces with the Driveway Alert® Receiver (Sold Separately) accessory jack.

This allows for the activation of lamps or other appliances plugged into the standard duplex outlet (maximum capacity 5 amp/120 volt). Simply plug the activation cable into the accessory jack on a Deluxe Driveway Alert® Receiver and plug the Duplex Outlet into an available standard household 110 volt outlet. The Relay Outlet can be mounted vertically on a wall or placed on the floor. Then plug your lamp into the Duplex Outlet and make sure the lamp’s switch is in the “on” position.

When the Receiver is activated by a signal transmitted from the Driveway Alert® Sensor/Transmitter (Sold Separately), any appliance plugged into the Duplex Outlet will “turn on” when the signal is received. The duration of time that your lamp stays on will depend on the settings made at the Driveway Alert® Receiver. The Receiver has an on board jumper that allows you to set a 5 second, 10 second or continuous “on” duration. Pushing the Receiver’s Reset Button will reset the Relay Outlet and turn your lamp off. The Relay Outlet has a by-pass switch that allows for normal operation of the Relay Outlet.

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