Deluxe Driveway Alert® EXT LR System with ThermAlarm III©


Monitor the air temperature in your garden, greenhouse, household or wherever else you need to be alerted when critical temperature are reached. The ThermAlarm III© monitor uses hermitically sealed magnetic switches to trigger an alarm condition; this eliminates concerns with corrosion particle contamination and high humidity. The ThermAlarm III© monitor has easy fingertip set-hand adjustments for the high and low limits with quicker response to temperature changes. Our Deluxe waterproof Transmitter is active when either the low or high limits are reached. You can monitor between 20 degrees and 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Combined with our Deluxe Extended Long Range Receiver, you can monitor temperatures up to 2500 feet* away and respond immediately to protect vital resources. The ThermAlarm III© monitor and our Waterproof Transmitter can also be used with all of our other Alert Products receivers.

  • System includes:
    • Deluxe Driveway Alert® Extended Long Range receiver (with mounting hardware & wall transformer)
    • Deluxe waterproof Transmitter (with mounting hardware and 9V battery)
    • ThermAlarm III© monitor modified to connect to our Transmitter (with mounting hardware)

*Actual distance may vary.