Relay Module ~ 12 Volt I/O



The Miltronics 12 Volt Input/Output Relay Module offers an interface between the Driveway Alert® Receiver (sold separately) and other devices requiring a set of 12 volt Normally-Open dry contacts for activation. (Normally-Closed versions can be custom made, please call for information).

The I/O Relay Module is an ideal solution for activating most cameras and security systems. Simply plug the Relay Module activation cable into the Deluxe Driveway Alert® Receiver’s accessory jack and wire your equipment’s activation cable to the terminal blocks in the Relay Module case.

When the Receiver is activated by a signal transmitted from the Driveway Alert® Sensor/Transmitter (sold separately), equipment wired into the Relay Module will be “activated” when the signal is received. The duration time of activation will depend on the settings made at the Driveway Alert® Receiver. The receiver has an on-board jumper that allows you to set a 5 second, 10 second or continuous “on” duration.

Pushing the Receiver’s Reset Button will reset the module and stop the activation. When using outdoors, mount vertically in a protected area. The use of this Module requires compatible equipment (sold separately) and a general knowledge of security and surveillance system installation.

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