Air-Hose™ Alert Sensor~Transmitter



Remember those old gas station style alarms that would ding when you drove in? Well, this is even better. There is no wiring. Just set up the Air-Hose Alert™ Sensor Transmitter, make sure it is coded properly to your Driveway Alert® Receiver and you’re all set.

When a vehicle drives over the pressure tube, a wireless transmission is sent to your Driveway Alert® Receiver. When the signal is received, the Receiver sounds the familiar Driveway Alert® tone. The Air-Hose Alert™ Sensor Transmitter is completely wireless and ideal for monitoring driveways, vehicle entryways, garages, sheds, businesses, remote areas and much more. All our systems and components are compatible and can be used with multiple Receivers and Sensor Transmitters.

The Air-Hose™ Alert Sensor Transmitter comes with a durable 25 foot reinforced rubber hose ($50.00 value) that is sealed on one end and the other end attaches to the pressure switch located at the bottom of the Sensor Transmitter case. Simply attach the rubber pressure tube to the switch using the included clamp, mount the Sensor Transmitter case and extend the pressure tube across the path of vehicle travel. The Sensor Transmitter utilizes a 9-volt battery and is completely weatherproof.

        • Ideal for small businesses and homes
        • Includes the Air-Hose™ Alert Sensor Transmitter
        • Sensor Transmitter comes with 25 foot durable reinforced rubber hose
        • Sensor Transmitter operates on a 9 volt battery
        • Weatherproof Sensor Transmitter
        • Up to 1,000 feet transmission range
        • Multiple Sensor Transmitters can be used with a single Receiver
        • Sensor Transmitters are coded for group monitoring
        • Compatible with all of Driveway Alert® Receivers
        • Comes complete with all mounting hardware and User Manual
        • Quick and easy installation
        • Limited Lifetime warranty