Paul T

Can't believe it my Infra Alert (you now call it Deluxe Driveway Alert LR System) has out live my car , cell phone, air conditioner and other products at my home. We purchased our system in 1998 and it has recently passed on . Time to buy a new one can't live without it! Love your product and your companies dedication to provide us with a MADE IN USA product !!

Thank you

Steve G

We had originally bought the sensors to prevent deer from eating our plants. It has been an outstanding success. Our yard looks better than it has in the twenty years we have lived here. The sensors are very reliable and the batteries last much longer than I would have thought. However, last night at 3 am an intruder came onto our property and was peering in our window. I was alerted and the intruder ran off when he saw me coming up the stairs. So we have decided to add two more sensors to the back of our house. Thank you

Just a farmer

I am so glad we found you !
Being in control and knowing someone is coming up our driveway is such a great sense of security.
Receiver in house and one in garage and one at our barn, So no matter where we are will are notified.


Miltronics Deluxe Driveway Alert.
Range is 1000+ feet.
Very reliable.
Mine's been out there for 10+ years.
My dogs light up when they hear receiver tone !
They know company is coming ..Woof, woof, woof !

JoAnn T

We have created our own Deluxe Driveway Alert neighborhood !
On my way home from town I counted 25 Green Sensors mounted on fence post, mailboxes or on a on wooden post /pole in yard .
I am sure once people realize what Green Sensor do the whole town will have one of your systems .
Thank you for making such a great product and being MADE IN USA is a plus too!!!!!

Susan K

All have to say is:

Wow ! Deluxe Driveway Alert LR Systems rule!

(Don't waste your money on other junk)


Wow what a deal !

Our security system company said it would cost in range of $1000 + to get a system that would be able to detect entries to our driveway and send signal to house. Were they ever wrong !

We purchased your Deluxe Driveway Alert EXT LR system for $199.00 and received a FREE Sensor & FREE Shipping. Sensor is 1200 to 1500 feet from house and it works every time.

MADE IN USA and didn't cost a fortune .
Thank you , keep on making a great product.

Jose J

Thank you to great people in New Hampshire !

At first thought $149.00 to monitor my driveway ?
When I had seen systems on internet and on TV for $20 and $30 which claimed they would let you know someone was in your driveway . My neighbor fell for their product and it only worked once and then couple days later wouldn't shut off .

My Deluxe Driveway Alert LR has been installed for 3 months and I have not missed a detection even with cold Colorado weather and snow.

Jodi S

Wow can you believe my Deluxe Driveway Alert system has been working for last 14 years and still going strong. I went to your website and saw Special Sale you are having and decided why not I purchased another system . Now I can use old and new system and monitor 3 areas and have a Receiver for in house and one in my shop.

Thank you for still building a great product!

Eleanor M

I am 86 years old ! Last year I lost my beloved husband of 66 years.

Living out in country I decided I needed something to let me know visitors were coming down my driveway. Stopped at library in town and did google search for Driveway Alert System and there you were Miltronics

Driveway Alert system popped up in 1st place and MADE IN USA ! I hit jackpot. Ordered your system and as special from company received a FREE Sensor and FREE Shipping . Wow can't beat that.

Thank you very much for giving an old woman a sense of security and safety with you product.