Harvard M

I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your Deluxe Driveway Alert Systems. I am in overhead door industry and never seen anything like this!
Works great and will be purchasing many more!

Tony S

Your HOME & YARD ALERT System has solved my security problem at my Ammonia cold-storage plant.

System detected intrusion and with Zone it notified where thief was. Police were called and we caught the theif in process of stealing our ammonia. Would like to report thief is unhappy spending next 10 years in jail.

Would like to report all of our facilities wil be equipped with one of your MADE IN USA ...HOME & YARD systems.

Ron Yan

Your DRIVEWAY ALERT System is very reliable!
Love it !!!

Pat C

Thank you for prompt service and great product.

Terry S

Thank you! My Sensor is located at 760 feet away and transmitting through trees and it works great.

William MCD

Thank you for responding quickly to my needs.
Another satisfied customer!

David P

Your DRIVEWAY ALERT product works to my expectations and satisfaction.
Thank you !

Harry S

DRIVEWAY ALERT is wonderful and we can't live without it!

Thomas F

We really enjoy and have come to depend on your product.

Craig N

Thanks for MADE IN USA product and excellent, personalized service!