J Starkey

To the owner of miltronics, i purchased a driveway alert from your company recently.
I was having trouble getting it to work, so i called christine. She helped me troubleshoot
my problem,which turned out to be electronic interference. She emailed me instructions
on how to change the dip switch configuration. To make a long story short, my alert is
working great. In this day and time it is very rare to call a company and get an actual
human being, let alone a very kind and knowledgeable person like christine. i have
already sold another drive alert for you. This due to the excellent product you sell, but
mostly because of the great,over the top service i received from christine. I will advertise
and demonstrate your product whenever i can. Thanks for the great product, but mostly
for the great customer service which is christine. She is making your company money,
which i'm sure you already know. thanks again.                                      
J Starkey   OK                       p.s. feel free to use this email in your testimonials