Susan P

Love it ! Love it ! You Deluxe Driveway Alert system.
What a great product and service you offer Miltronics !
Thank you!

Carrol P

Driveway Sensor detects and receiver goes off to alert you! What a beautiful sight to see a deer and her fawns crossing our yard. Car coming down driveway its our grandchildren coming for visit. Some people never take time to stop and enjoy little things in life. They are a true blessing provided by your Driveway Alert products.
Thank you, Miltronics

Jon D

Why pay the high cost of monthly security charge when you can purchase multiple receiver and sensor to monitor your property? I have 3 receivers in house, 1 in shop and 1 in barn . So no matter where I am I know if someone has entered my driveway. Also have few sensors detecting driveway area and walkway to house. Like whose watching you I know where you are before get here. Great job!

Susan MCC

I have had my Deluxe Driveway system for several years and have been very pleased with the product and with your customer service & tech support. I purchased a new system and have received it installed and is working as great as the old one.Would like to send my old system to be checked and accessed to see if it is worth repairing.I do understand there will be a charge .Please let me know cost.

Thank you again for all your assistance and please pass on the Thanks to all departments for their considerate through customer service.It has been a pleasure dealing with your company.

Ashley B

You ask how to catch a thief ??
Purchase one of Miltronics Deluxe Driveway LR systems .
Benefits of their system versus other systems.
Cost might be a little pricer than other units on the market but they work and last long time
Only need one 9V Battery
Can use multiple Receivers and Sensors with all systems
When call actually speak to a person
I could go on and on
Just want to say THANK YOU MILTRONICS keep up good work.

Suz P

Just received new system great addition to Deluxe model ! Volume control on receiver and can plug any of your accessory into receiver to. Didn't have that 10 tears ago when bought my Driveway Alert system.
Thank you.


Have owned our system since 1998 and guess finally decided it didn't want to work any more. You now have Deluxe Driveway Alert system which has volume control on receiver and we bought one doorbell with it .Great product love it. Let's hope we get as many years on this system.
Thank you

Joyce P

While visiting our neighbor last week we kept hearing this buzzing noise . Finally I asked what is that sound ?

They showed me your Deluxe Driveway receiver and told me about system with sensor outside is monitoring driveway and every time it detects car, truck, person or large animal it sounds in house .

Great invention ! Gotta have one .....


Wow ! I can't believe it !
I purchased your Deluxe Driveway Alert system the one with FREE Sensor .
Installed it and two nights later we caught the prowler/crook who has been helping himself to our landscape company gas for the last 3 months was he surprised to see me. Look on his face was priceless !
Thank you .

Paul T

Can't believe it my Infra Alert (you now call it Deluxe Driveway Alert LR System) has out live my car , cell phone, air conditioner and other products at my home. We purchased our system in 1998 and it has recently passed on . Time to buy a new one can't live without it! Love your product and your companies dedication to provide us with a MADE IN USA product !!

Thank you