Steven B

Thank you .
I'm very happy with your product .
It works perfect for my application

Ann G

Thank you so much. We are very satisfied w your product and your service. Thank you for your help! I am staying on this. Love the security of the driveway alarm!!!


Best $500.00 I ever spent was with Miltronics !
I am older widowed woman lives alone in rural LA. As you know crime has picked up with all hoodlems running around in this world taking thing that don't belong to them.
Purchased my Home & Yard EXT LR system a month ago and let me know what entry they are coming in by the sound. Have had police out here four times with going off and guess. They have made three arrests.
Now feel safe and secure with MADE IN USA by Miltronics.
Thank you !!

Thomas S

This is really a quality unit.

Ken B

Hi... and thanks for 'Deluxe' upgrade! Received at 2:30pm today, got first action on new receiver at 2:50, from existing transmitters, so know all is well on that front. New trans will be located tomorrow, already did a test check w/ both receivers. The new receiver is for the Man Cave/Harley Garage, and this time of year in Southern Arizona, you don't keep a 18' door open just to keep tabs on the long drive that curves out of sight down behind the trees.

Thanks for a great MADE IN USA product.

Richard P

I just finished installing our new Driveway Alert - super simple installation and a great quality product - we are very pleased! Thanks for producing such a great system. We bought it after our car was burglerized at night - I'm confident that won't happen again!

John H

I am disabled Vietnam veteran unable to get around way I use to. Purchased on of your Deluxe Driveway Alert system to protect my property due to recent neighborhood break-ins.

To my surprise the first night had system installed we captured a culpit. Forgot to mention also installed a ghillie net snare in yard. He was still right there when police show up.

Thank you for great product !


The buzzer was received and installed. Now I can hear the alarm sounding! Thank you again for such prompt customer service. I will be recommending your company to all my friends.
Thank you.


I wanted to follow up with you regarding the replacement system you sent. Everything has been working fine without incident. There was a bonus I didn't anticipate.

Last Saturday three of my prize heifers decided to take a walk, the front gate hadn't been latched properly. They didn't get far thanks to your driveway monitor. Your excellent customer service is greatly appreciated!

The Durgin family

Christmas was happy this year at our house ! Now are whole family has your Deluxe Driveway Alert systems. Our New Year we are all protected with advanced notice of someone or something entering our driveway and coming to our homes , shops and barns.