Sad when our +20 year old driveway alert stopped working.
Looking forward to being alerted for another 20.
Thank you for a wonderful product.

Bruce F

I am so pleased with your Deluxe Driveway EXT LR alarm. Thanks for the great service also.


Thanks for your help and great customer service!
The replacement receiver works great!
I did not mean to be so much trouble, but it is good to know that there are businesses that still have quality products
and go the extra step to take care of their customers.
In my case you went way beyond my expectations. Again,

J Coskie

We received the reshipment of our driveway alert receiver. We are absolutely
satisfied with not only the customer service, but with the functioning of
your devices. This is our second purchase of a driveway alert. We have them
installed in two different locations to identify the direction of someone
approaching. Both are extremely efficient. Thank you from a very satisfied


Miltronics , Thank you great MADE IN USA products
and you have outstanding customer service

Joe F

Once again it is proven you get what pay for !
We have purchased the $14.99 and $20.00 and from other known
companies who shall remain unnamed.
All of those systems lasted month or two one think went for six months.
So decided to bite bullet and spend $149.00 for Deluxe Driveway Alert
system and have had system for going on six months and guess what
it is still working .

Tony A

All of our Christmas presents under the tree this year are from Miltronics
the whole family are getting their own Deluxe Driveway Alert system.

O Barry

I already placed my order .
I ordered the one I have for 10 or more years and love it.
got this for my son & wife. they bought a small farm with 3 entrances
and his wife is nervous when she's alone. she loves mine.
thank you for making it in the good ole USA!

Edith H

Even you can do it !
I am 83 years young ,lost my dear husband .
Needed a sense of security and notification of
someone coming down my driveway .
At senior center they suggested I purchase
one of your units like they have to be notified
of deliveries.
Called ordered it received in record time and
with phillip screw driver had sensors mounted
in no time plugged receiver in and now I know
of any wanted or unwanted visitors.

Josh R

Finally found system that will works!
After purchasing, think was 5 or 6 of Driveway system featured
on different websites from $12.00 to over $300.00 and all of
them failed.
One last search came upon the original Driveway Alert system
made by Miltronics in USA .
Being a patriot decide to support our country and purchase your
Deluxe Driveway LR system which was mid range price .
Guess what received the system set it up and it works.
Maybe more people should spend an extra few pennies and
support an America and purchase made in USA products.
Thank you Miltronics for making a great product!