Troy H

Hi Christine,

I received the new receiver. It is perfect. Thank you!

I will be shipping back the other receiver today.




Good morning Paul:
Thank you for your interest in our Driveway Alert products.
Yes,we can change the coding on your system prior to shipping .
This way there will be no interference between your father's
system and yours system signalling each other.
You can order on website: drivewayalert.com If you order on website
please make sure to indicate in comment section you would
like system coding changed .
Call 800-828-9089 and place your order for system and make sure to tell
sales person you would like the coding changed on your system so it
will not interfere with fathers system.
----- Original Message -----
My father has the deluxe driveway alert and love it. I also would like to get
one but i want to make sure the my driveway alert will not set his alert off
or his sensor will not set my alert off. We live with in 200 ft of each
other. thank you

Dennis V

This is a very nice unit. I highly recommend it to all my friends

Kathy W

Good morning —
Received new unit yesterday and it is working perfectly —
USPS tracking says you also got the returned one —
Wanted to say Thank you for your very helpful customer service .
I Love your product and hopefully new unit will continue to be as awesome as our very first one was !
Thanks again for all your troubleshooting help !



We had a $3,000 theft on our property last October.
Ordered one of Miltronics competitors that was a bitter disappointment.
When it was working, it required fresh batteries every three weeks or a endless series of false alarms prior to worn out batteries in four weeks.
(I used DURACELL AA expiration date 2026 initial voltage 1.619V).
Sent the unit back to them FIVE TIMES, customer service is great, but repairs/ replacement unit were as bad or worse than the original unit.
Placing my hope on Miltronics for a quality unit MADE IN USA that will provide reliable service.
Ordered Home & Yard Alert EXT LR system so I am notified which area the thief are entering property so I can be ready.


Sad when our +20 year old driveway alert stopped working.
Looking forward to being alerted for another 20.
Thank you for a wonderful product.

Bruce F

I am so pleased with your Deluxe Driveway EXT LR alarm. Thanks for the great service also.


Thanks for your help and great customer service!
The replacement receiver works great!
I did not mean to be so much trouble, but it is good to know that there are businesses that still have quality products
and go the extra step to take care of their customers.
In my case you went way beyond my expectations. Again,

J Coskie

We received the reshipment of our driveway alert receiver. We are absolutely
satisfied with not only the customer service, but with the functioning of
your devices. This is our second purchase of a driveway alert. We have them
installed in two different locations to identify the direction of someone
approaching. Both are extremely efficient. Thank you from a very satisfied


Miltronics , Thank you great MADE IN USA products
and you have outstanding customer service