Nancy J

What a great product you have.Our nursing home needed some extra help with monitoring some of our patients who shall we say like to stray.

We purchased your Home & Yard Alert system which has 4 zone and it lets the nurse at desk know by different tone which patient has left their room. Thank you have made life much easier .

Roger Y

My Christmas present is the best one in years ! Received Deluxe Driveway Alert EXT LR system with our 1200 foot driveway hasn't missed a detection yet!

Just Mac

This thing is totally awesome as my kids would say. Well worth money !

John G

Please take time to read this!
Every year my wife comes up with these crazy ideas on what I would like for Christmas present and usually we end up sending it back because product is totally junk and does not work.

This year she decided I needed a Deluxe Driveway Alert system. My first I thought was ya right this thing is going to detect someone coming in driveway and notify us in house ???

OK let's try it. Can't be all bad is MADE IN USA
Well ya know what she finally hit a home run on this one.
Thank you Miltronics for a great product !

Chris N

Thanks.... for your GREAT service & GREAT product it is wonderful and we can't live with out it!!!

J K Johns

Driveway Alert EXT LR has been the greatest investment I ever made.
I am sooooooo impressed with you folks in New Hampshire !

H & C Toms

We love the Deluxe Driveway Alert system because it lets us know when someone is in our driveway and coming to house and business. Thanks for making such great system. (We have had the others which last a month or so .)

Mark F

Your Deluxe Driveway Alert system is totally awesome !
Can't believe we still have manufacturer left in USA!


We love the driveway alert!
Our driveway is long enough so that when I hear the DrivewayAlert signal, I have time to run over to the winery tasting room to serve customers. Easy to install and excellent signal range. Thanks for a great product that is MADE IN THE USA!


To the folks at Driveway Alert:

We have received the Door Bell Chime and now I can hear the Alert sounding. Thank you very much for responding quickly to solve the frequency issue for my hearing problem. This is why I am inclined to spend a little more to get a product with good customer support and quality built in. We appreciate your help and I recommend this system to anyone looking to purchase a good quality, Made in America product.

Kind regards, B W New Boston, NH

Ps, I returned the remote buzzer the same day you shipped the doorbell chime. They probably waved as they passed by each other.