Richard in FL

HI Christine!
We were hoping to wait for our six month anniversary purchase date to let you know our Miltronics receiver/transmitters are all you say they are:
A superior product that far exceeds any other driveway alarm system.
Alais, Big bad Irma is bearing down on us and we will soon be without power and maybe our roof.
So time to say a great product!
We are still on the original set of furnished batteries and have yet to have a false alarm.
Every now and then it fails to alert a fast moving light colored cool car - but that is rare.
This morning @ 3:45 (we were up and prepping for Irma) the far roadside alarm triggered,
quickly went out side and put the beam of my 2,000 lumen spotlight on a vehicle turning
turning around on our 1.300' driveway....a bad guy was spotlighted.