ISA Alert™ Instructions


Run the "Set-Up Test" prior to permanent installation. First, loosen the screws attaching the ISA Pushbutton faceplate to the plastic housing with the provided Allen wrench. Remove the Pushbutton switch by sliding up and out. Locate the two mounting holes on the inside back of the plastic case. Break through any thin layer of plastic that may be present.

After performing the "Set-Up Test", hold the plastic case in place of the desired mounting location and attaché to wall or stake using provided screws. Second, install a high-quality , 9 volt, alkaline battery in the battery holder and attach to the battery connector. Caution must be taken not to damage any internal components including moving the antenna wire. Replace the Pushbutton faceplate using the provide Allen wrench.

Mount the Pushbutton Switch in a visible and convenient location and under shelter for best results (please refer to the ADA requirement for your application). For maximum range, the transmitted signal should travel to the receiver without being blocked by the steel Pushbutton switch. Adjusting may be required prior to calling for technical support.

PLEASE NOTE: A shorter transmission range may occur when the outside temperature falls below 20 degrees F. due to a natural drop in battery voltage.

The ISA Transmitter is positioned in the plastic case behind the sturdy steel ISA Pushbutton Switch. To activate the transmitter, simply push the steel face plate. The transmitted signal will then be sent to the ISA Receiver. Each time the ISA Pushbutton is pressed, transmission is accomplished.

Plug the power jack on the transformer into the power receptacle on the side of the receiver. Plug the transformer into a 110 volt, indoor outlet. Stand receiver up or mount to wall (using supplied Velcro) and extend the flexible antenna upward.
The receiver will sound the alert when the sensor is activated. The alert sound re-sets itself on the 6th second and will continue to alert you with every event. The volume control can be used to change the sound level. The light emitting diode will light when the receiver is activated and will remain lit until the button is manually reset. The receiver comes equipped with an accessory jack for the easy addition of accessories adding to the versatility of this deluxe system.
In unobstructed space, the reception range can reach up to 1000 feet. Range may be reduced by certain obstructions. For instance; metal buildings, dense woods, etc. For maximum range, locate the receiver in an area in your home with some direct visibility to the sensor.

After setting up your system, perform a "Set-Up" test to ensure the operation. Activate the transmitter several times while someone listens for the receiver to sound. The transmitter and/or receiver then can be re-positioned if not properly performing.

The system coding is factory pre-set and should be adjusted only in the event of interference from another source. A DIP switch is located in each the transmitter and receiver. Only the first five positions on the switches can be changed and the switch settings in the transmitter must match the settings in the receiver.

Below is a list of the most common problems and the solutions to solve them.

PROBLEMS can be caused by

  • Use of a low quality or non-alkaline battery
  • Use of an old, weak battery
  • Steel Pushbutton is blocking transmission


  • Replace battery with a new, high grade alkaline
  • Change transmitter orientation
  • Read and follow the "ISA Pushbutton Installation" and "Receiver Operation" sections, correct problem and perform "Set-Up" to verify operation