Just wanted to give you an update on sensors.
It has been close to a month and all units are working great.
I appreciate Miltronics and will continue to recommend your company to our friends.


Thanks for producing a great product, we purchased the same thing around 20 years ago,
what great service and lasted a long time! Came back to Miltronoics because of that!

Tom H

Wow. And great customer service to go along with a great product. Rare.

Jon K

Thank you so for your help, it is so refreshing to deal with a company
that is concerned with their customers satisfaction.
I choose option 2 and will gladly return the receiver I currently have.
I have tried several driveway alarms in the past and this one is far and away the best I have found.
Again, many thanks.

Jim P

Received my Deluxe Driveway Alert order .
I am 75 years old , over the years I have ordered and received a lot of units.
I have never received a package so professionally wrapped and packaged
in my lifetime ! Thank you .
Made in USA and works great !!!

Josh R

Finally found system that will works!
After purchasing, think was 5 or 6 of Driveway system featured
on different websites from $12.00 to over $300.00 and all of
them failed.
One last search came upon the original Driveway Alert system
made by Miltronics in USA .
Being a patriot decide to support our country and purchase your
Deluxe Driveway LR system which was mid range price .
Guess what received the system set it up and it works.
Maybe more people should spend an extra few pennies and
support an America and purchase made in USA products.
Thank you Miltronics for making a great product!

Edith H

Even you can do it !
I am 83 years young ,lost my dear husband .
Needed a sense of security and notification of
someone coming down my driveway .
At senior center they suggested I purchase
one of your units like they have to be notified
of deliveries.
Called ordered it received in record time and
with phillip screw driver had sensors mounted
in no time plugged receiver in and now I know
of any wanted or unwanted visitors.

John TTS

Good Afternoon Christine!

The Driveway Alert installed easier than anticipated.

Here at TTS, there are three buildings that are worked and available to the public.
Most of the time, there is only one or two persons covering the three buildings.
The Driveway Alert makes us aware of cars entering the Studio, so the tourists may be properly greeted and served.
The Driveway Alert works wonderfully at our physical plant!

Thank you so Much!

Millie P

Never can have to many Driveway Alert systems.
Our whole family now owns at least one.
We just bought a second one for our getaway
Santa brought all three of our children one for
their home last Christmas.

Tampa Tom

Miltronics what an amazing product you manufacturer !
If anyone is concerned on how this system will stand
up through inclement weather read on.
Our Deluxe Driveway Alert system survived hurricane Irma
120 mph winds .
We lost bunch trees and part of roof but our Driveway Alert
survived and is now working again since our power back on.
Thank you for great product .